Our offering is very straight forward.  Depending on type, our minimum is 100 to 500 zippers.  We deliver, FOB New York, in three weeks.  Our price and quality are unmatched as is our never ending selection.  Buy from today's most experienced and unique zipper supplier.  Misterzipper.

What's the Deal?

How Does it Work?

always at 708-386-8586

every kind of zipper.

every length of zipper.

metal, plastic, nylon, concealed

separating and non-separating

novelty zippers

You will need to provide specifications.  You can determine zipper tape color by using the color card page.  This is very important.  You will receive what you order so order the correct zipper.  We are here to assist.  Call 708-386-8586 to order.

Why Misterzipper?

​​​​SPECIAL OFFER!  For a limited time, receive a 10% bonus.  Receive 10% more zippers than you order.....for free!!  This is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn without notice.  Applicable to all types and styles.


We have a mission!  As an independent designer, you need suppliers who deliver continuity, quality and value. We also want you to have a full range of styling options. Customize your zipper purchase to your exact needs.  Any length.  Any color.  Any gauge. Any type.  Any style.